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How to Install


Watch Face




To install a custom watch face on your Apple Watch, you will need the following App and files:

  • Clockolog App on iPhone and enable it on Apple Watch

  • EnableBeta.clock file (Download link)

  • Custom .clock file (Subscribe to our mailing list to receive the our custom watch face)

Step 1a. Download 

Clockology App from App Store onto your iPhone *skip to Step 2b if you already installed Clockology

Clockolog App.jpeg

Step 1b. Tap open the Watch App on your iPhone

Step 1c.Find Clockology under Installed On Apple Watch

Step 1d.Ensure

Clockology App is enabled on Apple Watch

Apple Watch App.jpeg
enable App.jpeg
Enable App 2.jpeg

Step 2a. Open 

on iPhone browser go to How to Install Watch Face Page *skip to Step 2b if you already on this page.

Step 2b.Click 

EnableBeta.clock File Download Link and tap download

Step 2c.Tap the download symbol after download is completed then tap _EnableBeta

Step 2d.Swipe down the Beta Warning to stay on Clockology App

Screen Shot 2021-03-07 at 4.44.03 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-03-07 at 4.41.06 PM.png
Beta Download.jpeg
Sync Beta.jpeg

Step 3a.  Download the .clock file from the email link on your iPhone or request the file again. *Skip to Step 3b if you like to install a different .clock file.

Step 3b.Locate the downloaded .clock file on your iPhone then select Open In

Step 3c.Select 

Clockology in the App selection then Long Press to Open in app

Step 3d.Now all downloaded files should appear in Clockology 


Step 4a. Open

Clockology App on your Apple Watch then go back to the Clockology App on iPhone

Step 4b. Select the custom watch face file then Long Press to select Watch Sync

Step 4c.Tap 

Sync to update watch face. 

Step 4d.

Finally, customize the watch face widgets right from the Clockology App to your liking

Watch App.jpeg
sync 2.jpeg

Tips: Close then relaunch Clockology on Apple Watch if the first sync didn't work. Repeat Step 4c to sync again.

1940x1200 EBC (2).png


your Custom

watch face is Now up running

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